Rebuilding the EL84 SE Amplifier

It has been a couple of years since my first DIY EL84 single ended amplifier appeared on the web.
Since then the page access statistics revealed that the mayority of the keyword that led people to the site was "el84", even infront of 2A3!
From this I derived that there must be a vivid interest for amplifiers using this valve. I like this thought because I love the EL84 and so I decided to document this project in more detail in the hope in may inspire some potential DIYers afraid of mechanical work...

I had to partly dismantle the original EL84 SE amp because I wanted to use the TAMURA OPTs for a more ambitious projec:
The 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier.

After that the original EL84 chassis and part of the circuit was re-used in an experimental setup for testing the 6P7S beam tetrode. From that I learned that the replacement OPTs could deliver very nice sound as well and since I was not so happy with the finish of the first amp and also desired to increase flexibility for circuit modications by adding a further tube socket, I decided to rebuild the amplifier using these OPTs. The following pictures show what happened.

The EL84 SE Chassis

First I stripped down nearly everything and made a bigger cutout and designed a new layout.

Preparing for transfer of markings for drill points and cutout for OPTs and tube sockets onto a cut to size 2mm thick Tufnol board.
The drawing is fixed with tape to the Tufnol board. Drilling and cutting out for the OPTs
A look ahead...
inserted by FC2 system